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How Often Do You Need to Pump your Septic Tank?

For most families, Septic Medic recommends that you have your septic tank pumped once every 3-5 years. If there is more water used at your home than in a typical household, you will need to have your septic pumped more frequently. Waiting too long clean out your septic system can cause damage and result in costly repairs and, in some cases, replacement of major components. Pumping your septic system yourself is not something you should do on your own – professional septic companies know how to pump the tank safely and can inspect the leach field for pollutants and other concerns.

Protect your family’s health by maintaining a quality water supply and keep your septic system functioning properly so it lasts many years. Learn more about our septic pumping and clean out services and contact Septic Medic online.



Additional Septic Services include:

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Do I need Maintenance Service on my Septic Tank?

Regular Septic System Maintenance can save you money and prevent hazardous problems with your septic system before they occur.

3 Reasons to Hire a Septic System Maintenance Company

  1. Check the levels of sludge that are in the septic tank so you know when to pump the septic system.
  2. Look for liquid waste that may be located on the surface of the ground, checking that runoff water is directed away from the drain field
  3. Inspect the septic tank lid for cracks, make sure baffles are intact, and do not have any damage.

Septic Medic offers maintenance services in Pike County, PA for tanks and leach fields and wants your home wastewater treatment system to last longer and keep your family safe from pollutants. Contact Septic Medic online and schedule a maintenance inspection today.



Additional Septic Services include

Septic Emergency? Contact us immediately at 570-828-7444