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When Does a Septic Tank Need To Be Pumped Out?

A septic tank will need to be pumped when there are too many solid waste products and too many byproducts of decomposition in the tank. It helps to understand the three layers of your septic tank so you can easily recognize when your septic tank is full.

How Does Your Septic Tank Work?

When waste products go into the septic system, solid and liquid wastes are separated. Bacteria breaks off of solid waste as well. Effluent, or water with small bits of waste, will drain from the septic tank into the septic field and will infiltrate the soil. Non-degradable solid waste and other heavy materials, however, will sink to the tank’s bottom, form a material called sludge, and remain there until it is removed.

When Should You Empty Your Septic Tank?

When the sludge accumulates, and ends up taking up too much of the tank, to prevent additional problems and damage to the septic system, you need to empty our septic tank.

Who Can Pump My Septic Tank?

Many property owners don’t know when there is too much sludge in a septic tank and you should contact a professional septic services to determine if your septic tank needs to be cleaned out.  Septic Medic provides septic system pumping and cleaning in Pike County, PA and the surrounding areas.

Call us at 570-828-7444 to schedule regular maintenance or in the event of a septic emergency!

What are the Three Layers of Your Septic Tank?

It is a good idea for homeowners with a septic system to know what the three layers of their septic system are. Understanding how a septic system works can help you to identify when your system has become too full and needs to be pumped out. 

Bottom Layer – Sludge

The bottom layer of your septic system is made up of a material called sludge. Sludge is comprised of byproducts of the decomposition of other wastes that are dealt with by your septic tank. Heavy materials that sink to the bottom of the septic tank also become part of the sludge.

Middle Layer – Water

The middle layer of the septic tank is water. This water may have small pieces of waste products in it. Water is discharged into the septic field from the tank when your septic system is working correctly.

Top Layer – Scum

Finally, the top layer of the septic system is made up of scum. This comes from things like soap byproducts and cooking oils which go to the top.

You should make sure you watch your septic system to see when it is becoming too full of sludge, so you can get it pumped out and keep it in good working order. Homeowners in Pike County, PA, including Delaware Township and surrounding areas, contact the Septic Medic team online or call 570-828-7444 for help.