Let’s Talk about Sand Mound (Turkey Mound) & Septic Drain Field Problems

bulldozer digging a turkey mound for a septic system

What is a Sand Mound Septic System?

A sand mound, or turkey mound, is one of the common alternatives to septic drain fields in the Pike County, PA region. The turkey mound, an elevated sand mound, is a better choice for individuals who cannot risk a traditional drain or leach field due to either higher water tables in the region. A sand mound is also a great choice when your property has soils of differing extremes, such as too permeable or not permeable enough – be sure to have professional septic soil & percolation tests done when you install a new septic system.

How does a sand mound work?

Elevated sand mounds are built up from the septic tank and dosing chamber at various depths; and these depths are then determined by the particular layers of the soil and may change based on an individual’s particular property. The dosing chamber is what releases the effluent into the mound, and this is done in doses, not all at once. In this manner, it helps to distribute waste efficiently.

How to Fix Drain Field Problems

The majority of septic problems tend to occur below the surface, and without the proper tools and know-how, you could end up wasting a lot of time and still end up with no answers. So what exactly can you do if you have a septic emergency or need a septic system repair or tank replacement?

Contact a professional septic system company in Pike County, PA with the expertise and knowledge necessary to diagnosis your septic problem!

Common Septic & Sand Mound Problems

One of the more difficult aspects of owning a septic tank system is that it is not always simple to diagnose or spot an issue on your own.

  1. The elevated sand mound is unable to hold water.  Heavy rains can back up the entire septic system or cause problems with system components.
  2. The sand mound can become clogged with sludge or grease. In this particular instance, the portion of the mound that has been clogged needs to be removed and the sand scarified. The sand mound then will need to be replaced to the original levels.

Professional Septic Repair in Pike County, PA

Septic Medic is here to meet all of your elevated sand mound needs in Pike County PA and the surrounding areas, including Bushkill, PA and Milford, PA. Whether you’re running a mound system or a traditional septic tank setup, emergency situations can happen at any time – we are here to provide fast and reliable service!


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