Septic System Problems and How to Prepare for Them

individual wearing rain boots in a septic tank drainage field

When it comes to utilizing a septic system on your home or property, it never is a bad idea to learn about how the system

works, what to expect and especially understand what issues may come up during its use over time. Septic system issues can be easier to diagnose at times, but more often than not there can be multiple septic repair issues that you will not be able to personally fix. However, if you are able to learn about how the system functions as a whole, and are able to at least keep an eye out for issues, it will help get your septic tank problems fixed much faster.

Here are the majority of issues that could end up creating problems with any system:

– Lack of overall maintenance can cause a buildup of sludge, leading to a reduction in the overall efficiency of how the system will function.

– Septic tanks can settle in the ground, which can lead to a strain on connecting pipes to the home, and at the very worse, break completely.

– Not changing the filters can lead to a clogging of the system, which in turn can back everything up.

– The drainage field can experience multiple issues, ranging from compaction of the soil, from sludge buildup within the field due to lack of pumping the tank, which can cause bad odors to emanate from the area.

– Inattention to the disposal of certain chemicals can cause serious issues to the entire septic system. It is important to note what can and cannot go down the sink, tub or toilet.

– The roots of various biomaterial can grow within pipelines, causing drainage issues and clogging of important elements.

– Lack of septic tank pumping can cause solid material to build up within the tank, causing blockages to occur.

These are some of the main issues that one may have to deal with when running a septic system with their home.  In general, septic lines are not too much of an issue as long as one is able to engage in regular upkeep and maintenance. Since the majority of these tasks require experienced individuals who have a strong working knowledge of how they function, and often times specific heavy machinery to deal with septic tank issues, it makes the most sense to find a septic repair company.

Septic Medic has years of experience in this industry, as well as the ability to come right out for any particular septic system emergency. Contact us today at 570-828-7444 to discuss any particular issues with your system, or to deal with an emergency response situation.