What Causes a Septic System to Fail

individual wearing rain boots in a septic tank drainage field

Septic tank failure can be dangerous. When your septic system is not working properly, your home or property’s wastewater is not being processed safely, and in addition to health and environmental concerns, failure can often lead to expensive repair and replacement.

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Understanding how your septic system works, what to expect, and how to maintain your property’s private sewage systems can help you identify concerns and recognize septic failure sooner.

6 Common Reasons Your Septic Tank Fails

  1. Lack of Septic System Maintenance. Inside your septic tank, there are three layers of wastewater. Contaminants and pollutants (sludge and scum) remain in your tank and need to be regularly pumped to prevent damaging buildup and reduce the function of your wastewater system.
  2. Ground settles around a septic tank. Over time and after heavy rainfall, the ground around your septic tank may settle which can lead to strain on connecting pipes and in extreme cases can cause the pipes to break or crack.
  3. Clogged septic filter. Waste can buildup around the filter and prevent proper drainage, eventually causing damaging clogs in connecting pipes.
  4. Damaged drain field. There is a wide range of reasons a problem may develop in the leach field, including soil compaction or sludge buildup.
  5. Improper disposal of chemicals and products. Flushing or disposing of a variety of household cleaning products and solids can cause serious damage to your septic system.
  6. Roots and biomaterial get inside your tank. Tree roots commonly clog drain lines and sometimes can puncture or breach connecting pipes.

Learn about the signs of common problems you may experience with your septic system and work with a professional septic maintenance and repair company to reduce your chances of experiencing septic tank failure.

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