Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy with Regular Maintenance!

Utilizing a septic system for your day-to-day activities is something that hundreds of thousands of home and property owners face on a regular basis. Septic systems offer a great and reasonable method for those who are unable to connect to a public sewer system, or for those who are too far removed from public utilities for it to be considered reasonable. 

That being said, a septic system still requires consistent maintenance to keep it working in top condition. There are some differences that set it apart from traditional public sewer systems, which can mean a bit of a learning curve if one is purchasing a home that relies on a septic tank. Everyone should learn what maintenance is required to keep your tank healthy and trouble free, as this will help you avoid any serious issues down the road!

For instance, consider what happens when you don’t change your oil at the recommended mileage for your personal vehicle; failing to perform routine maintenance can often cause further issues down the line, and this ultimately means spending more money.  The same concept should be applied to your septic tank system: a healthy and happy septic tank likely means years free of serious issues!

Scheduling regular cleaning and staying up to date on maintenance of the system also means you will help do your part for the environment.  At times, septic system backups can mean human waste products spreading into the immediate region, and sometimes even spreading into local water sources. Ultimately, not taking care of your system can lead to a mess!

Here are some steps you can take to make sure that your system is working at full capacity year-round:

Get an Annual Inspection

A local septic cleaning company can perform all the necessary due-diligence that goes into a running a tank to a home.  This includes measuring the layers of scum and sludge that has built up, as well as checking how absorbent the drain field is.

Only Flush Certain Items