Septic System Repair in Pike County’s Wooded Areas

Septic Medic septic tank pumping truck in Bushkill PA Septic ServicesLiving in the Bushkill Falls region and Pike County definitely has its perks, including beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and streams. In this deeply wooded region known to many as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania” near the Poconos Mountains, most homeowners require a septic tank which means knowing when to call a professional septic system company is essential.

The Best Septic Maintenance Services in Bushkill Falls, PA

Property owners in the Poconos Mountain region often experience septic problems related to outdoor elements. Septic Medic works with homeowners and businesses in Pike County, PA, including Delaware, Lehman, Milford, Wild Aches, Dingmans Ferry, Unity House, Milford, Birchwood Lakes, Conashaugh, and Bushkill. Keep your septic system in top shape, contact us to schedule a routine septic inspection today.

Two Common Septic Systems Repairs in Wooded Areas

1. Excess Water Impacts Your Leach Field Drainage

The leach field also called a drain field, is where the runoff from your septic tank is purified and eliminated. In a heavily wooded region like Bushkill Falls, the drain field can become backed up when excessive levels of rainwater and cannot drain or the system has been overused. If you notice a bad odor coming from your septic tank or standing water in the leach field, Septic Medic professionals can diagnose and repair clogged septic pipes or perform a soil percolation test to ensure proper drainage.

2. Tree Root Intrusion on Septic Tanks

If you live in Bushkill Falls and the Poconos region, you need to be aware of any trees that could encroach on or near your septic system. Large trees and their roots can push under and through the soil and break or bend the septic system pipes or impact the actual septic tank. Consult with your septic tank professional at Septic Medic on the risks of trees on your property and determine if any of them need to be removed.

Professional Septic Repair in Bushkill Falls

The Bushkill Falls region is a wonderful place to live, and with proper septic tank maintenance, you can ensure a long-working septic system. Make sure to invest in regular septic inspections and you will do just fine!

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Additional Septic Services include: