Regular Maintenance Prevents Septic Pump Problems

Having your septic system regularly maintained is the key to avoiding costly problems with your septic pump and tank. There are many advantages to having regular septic maintenance.

  1. Prevent Emergency Situations: When Septic Medic comes to you home for regular scheduled maintenance we will inspect sludge levels, look for any liquid waste or cracks around the lid or in the drain field, and address anything that could cause a pump problem in the future so that we can address it quickly.
  2. Extend the Lifespan of Your Septic Pump & System: When a septic system is not pumped and cleaned regularly you can experience messy sewage backups which reduce the lifespan of your home system. Keep your pump and tank free of dangerous pollutants and it will last for many years.
  3. Avoid Paying the Price: Septic pump problems that are not repaired in a timely manner can result in costly system replacement and installation. Regular maintenance will allow you to catch many tank and pump problems before they become emergencies and fully disrupt your septic systems functionality.

Learn more about Septic System Maintenance and contact Septic Medic to schedule an inspection today.