What are the Warning Signs of Septic Tank Issues? 

Owners of septic systems need to be on the lookout for issues with their system. When problems arise they can quickly affect the septic system’s operations, could cause a buildup of waste products, and lead to a safety threat. There are three common warning signs that you need to contact an experienced septic repair company:

  1. Septic Tank Pump Alarm Goes Off:  If your septic alarm goes off, you need to call in a professional for help right away and diagnosis the issue. Septic Medic has 24/7 response services septic alarms and emergencies.
  2. You Smell An Odd Odor:  If you notice odd odors coming from the drain field or septic tank it is a major indicator of a septic issue. If you are smelling sewage inside of a building, or if you smell septic tank gas above the cover of the tank, these are signs of a drainage issue. Call a professional immediately to avoid future contamination issues and expensive repair costs,
  3. Sewage Backup: If sewage is backing up in toilets or plumbing in your home, it is considered a septic emergency. Clogged drains and septic system back up can result in costly repair or replacement if it is not handled quickly.

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