What are Some Signs of Septic Tank Problems?

Owners of septic systems need to be on the lookout for problems with their system that could affect operations and that could cause a buildup of waste products that could be a threat to safety.

The most obvious problem is that a septic tank pump alarm will go off if you have a mound septic system. If an alarm goes off, you need to call in a professional for help right away to deal with the issues.

You may also notice odd odors that are a major indicator of a problem with a septic tank. If you are smelling sewage inside of a building, or if you smell septic tank gas above the cover of the tank, these are signs you should call in a professional for a diagnosis.

Another emergency situation arises if you notice sewage backing up from toilets or plumbing in your home. This also necessitates an immediate call to a professional for help. Septic Medic is available to diagnose and resolve your problems, so call now.