When Does a Septic Tank Need To Be Pumped Out?

A septic tank will need to be pumped when there are too many solid waste products and too many byproducts of decomposition in the tank. It helps to understand the three layers of your septic tank so you can easily recognize when your septic tank is full.

How Does Your Septic Tank Work?

When waste products go into the septic system, solid and liquid wastes are separated. Bacteria breaks off of solid waste as well. Effluent, or water with small bits of waste, will drain from the septic tank into the septic field and will infiltrate the soil. Non-degradable solid waste and other heavy materials, however, will sink to the tank’s bottom, form a material called sludge, and remain there until it is removed.

When Should You Empty Your Septic Tank?

When the sludge accumulates, and ends up taking up too much of the tank, to prevent additional problems and damage to the septic system, you need to empty our septic tank.

Who Can Pump My Septic Tank?

Many property owners don’t know when there is too much sludge in a septic tank and you should contact a professional septic services to determine if your septic tank needs to be cleaned out.  Septic Medic provides septic system pumping and cleaning in Pike County, PA and the suburbs of Northeast Pennsylvania. Contact Septic Medic to schedule a time to pump your septic tank or to set up a routine septic maintenance plan.


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