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Can Too Much Rain Cause Signs of Septic Problems?

There are a number of things that can cause issues with your septic system. The key to getting ahead of any issue is to look for signs of septic problems. One thing that, if caught quickly, can be mitigated is too much rain causing a septic problem on your property. Heavy rains can cause a slew of catastrophic issues and your septic system is not spared from this act of nature.

If your area is expected to get heavy rains, there are some steps you can take to avoid septic system issues:

  • Limit water use during the rain
  • Only flush safe materials
  • Don’t work on the system during flooding conditions
  • Don’t park or drive over your tank
  • Use biodegradable cleaners
  • Be mindful of root damage
  • Regularly inspect and pump your septic tank

Even if you’ve been diligent in your preparation, rain can still cause problems for your septic system. The basic issue is that heavy rains saturate the ground and can cause your septic tank to flood. Septic tanks have three components: inlet pipe, tank, and drain field. In your septic tank, solid waste settles to the bottom and decomposes. Lighter solids and grease rise to the top and create a “scum” while the liquid waste flows into the soil and is purified by microbes. When heavy rains saturate the soil around your septic tank, the drain field becomes clogged which fills the tank with liquid.

heavy rain soaks the ground and can result in septic problems

Signs of Septic Problems

Signs of Septic ProblemsAside from preparing, you need to know the signs of septic problems when heavy rains hit. So, what should you look for? Unfortunately, a flooded septic tank exhibits the same symptoms of a standard clogged pipe or a tank that may need routine maintenance. When your tank is flooded, the drains and pipes in your home may begin to back up and fail to drain properly. The best thing to do is if your area has been experiencing heavy rains, you need to contact a professional to evaluate the situation. Repairing a flooded septic tank is different than routine maintenance and a professional knows the difference.

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