DIY Septic Tank Pumping – Is It Smart?

Pumping a septic tank is not an easy. As a homeowner who is used to doing home improvement projects around the home, you may wonder whether DIY septic tank pumping is the right choice for you. Don’t risk breaking your septic system or getting raw sewage throughout your home and yard, hire a professional to pump out you septic tank.

Can you pump out your septic system yourself?

Even with advanced home improvement skills, pumping a septic tank should not be done by a homeowner on his or her own. To obtain the best results the proper equipment is necessary to remove wastes and clean your septic tank without damaging the system. Septic professionals use a high-capacity vacuum, a pump truck, and other inspection tools to ensure all clogs are found and removed. It is also necessary to handle, transport, and dispose of waste water safely.

A septic system needs to be pumped out about once every three years to five years so the system does not become overfull and to ensure it operates properly for a long time.

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